Terms of use

The following are the general terms & conditions – applicable for the products for unless otherwise mentioned herewith. A service(s) sold by ‘Private Dubai Tours’ (PDT) is hereby referred as the ‘product’ and person(s) – intending to travel with PDT – with their names on our booking form is referred herewith as ‘customer’.
The agent must receive all full payments in order to confirm a booking. By booking, it’s taken as the customers have gone thru, grasped as well as accepted the booking conditions of PDT.
Once PDT confirms a booking and subsequently issues a confirmation in writing, there comes in existence a contract - between ‘Private Dubai Tours’ and customer.
All persons whose names appear on the booking form, with terms and conditions, are assumed to fully understand and agree with these conditions and terms, and those who sign this booking form are automatically assumed to be the authority on all the others behalf.
UAE courts’ exclusive jurisdiction applies to this so called contract with all these specified matters. The right to decline any booking at own discretion is reserved to 'Private Dubai Tours'.
Unless authorized by the CEO, signed and in writing, not any 'Private Dubai Tours' representatives or employees have any sort of right to undertake liabilities, or waive, vary or alter any of these conditions and terms.